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Institute of Bioengineering



"Cancer Stem Cells and Their Niche - New Opportunities for Bioengineering and Material Science", by Prof. Christopher Heeschen, Barts Cancer Institute

Image: Prof. Heeschen
Prof. Heeschen

Date: 20 April 2016   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Pancreatic cancer is hierarchical organised and cancer stem cells (CSC) represent the root driving tumour progression and metastasis. The tumour microenvironment further promotes these cell-intrinsic CSC phenotype including drug resistance and thus represents a critical factor of CSC responses to therapy in vivo. Currently, however, the cancer field is hampered by the lack of reliable and standardised human cancer models that comprehensively represent malignant cell responses within their microenvironment. In collaboration with bioengineers and material scientists we have now started to develop ex vivo human cancer models by introducing primary patient-derived CSC as the tumour-initiating population into a reconstructed human tumour microenvironment including both cellular and synthetic extracellular components - thus faithfully recapitulating CSC biology in their human in vivo settings.

Location:  Arts One Lecture Theatre, Arts One, Mile End