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Institute of Bioengineering



"Creating the Human" Seminars - Autumn/Winter 2017. The Bionic Body

Image: Novel 3D bone regeneration
Novel 3D bone regeneration

Date: 22 November 2017   Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Ticket only - Doors open 6:30pm for a 7PM start. There will be time to view the specimens

"Creating the Human" Seminars - Autumn/Winter 2017. The Bionic Body

Our "Creating the Human" Seminar Season focuses on how the human body can be created, re-created, misinterpreted and modified to devise our own, or others', physical and/or mental identities.

Join Prof. Alvaro Mata (Biomedical Engineering & Biomaterials) for a fascinating and accessible lecture. He will talk about current research in nanotechnology, and how nature-inspired, smart nanomaterials can be created and used to grow tissues and organs. The Bionic Man - Nanomaterials and Tissue Growth takes us on a journey through some different aspects of what we may consider a "bionic body". Professor Mata's research involves molecularly-designed bioactive implants for applications such as tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and drug screening.

Location:  Pathology Museum (3rd Floor Robin Brook Centre) QMUL School of Medicine and Dentistry St Bartholomew's Hospital Site West Smithfield, EC1A 7BE