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Cartilage disease: connecting clinical to fundamental research with Dr Tatiana Vinardell, Equine Veterinary Medical Centre

Image: Dr Tatiana Vinardell
Dr Tatiana Vinardell

Date: 6 April 2018   Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Dr Vinardell will deliver an overview of her fundamental and clinical research. Her interests involve equine osteoarthritis, cartilage repair, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Orthopaedic injuries are a considerable economic burden to the equine industry, with athletic performance significantly impaired by pain and reduced mobility. This talk will give an overview of Dr Vinardell’s cartilage injury and osteoarthritis associated research, and its clinical applications. Surgical approaches and osteoarthritic drug diffusion studies will be presented as well as the discovery of an enzyme playing a major role in equine cartilage tissue degradation. Mesenchymal stem cells provide a promising therapeutic approach to cartilage repair. Studies on the chondrogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells from different tissue sources and their incorporation with novel biomaterials into animal models for cartilage and bone repair will also be presented, in addition to recent data on the application of this fundamental research in the clinic.

Dr Tatiana Vinardell received her veterinary degree in 2002. She practiced as an equine veterinarian in France and completed an equine internship and Masters degree at the University of Montreal, Canada in 2008. She obtained a PhD degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2011 and was appointed Lecturer in the Veterinary Centre, University College Dublin, Ireland. She went back to equine practice in Norway in 2016 and has recently joined the Equine Veterinary Medical Centre, member of Qatar Foundation in Doha, Qatar as Head of Research.

Location:  The Scape, Room 0.14, Mile End Campus
Contact:  Dr Stephen Thorpe, School of Engineering and Materials Science
Telephone:  020 7882 3602