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December 2013

18 Dec 13Scanning electron microscopy image of the grooved surfaces on which the stems cells were grown.Scientists find a groovy way to influence specialisation of stem cells
Institute of Bioengineering researchers based at the School of Engineering and Materials Science have shown for the first time that the specialised role stem cells go on to perform is controlled by primary cilia, tiny hair-like structures protruding from a cell. Stem cells are capable of becoming any cell type ... [more]
15 Dec 13Seven new PhD studentships for the Institute of Bioengineering
The Queen Mary, Institute of Bioengineering will be offering a further seven PhD studentship to start in September 2014. The precise projects have not yet been decided but are expected to fit closely to the core research areas. Staff are currently submitting proposals which will be evaluated with final selection and ... [more]
13 Dec 13Dr Karin Hing talks about synthetic bone graft materials
Queen Mary has led the development of bone substitute materials which are now used in 100,000's of patients across the globe. Two spin out companies from Queen Mary, Progentix Orthobiology and ApaTech (acquired in 2010 by Baxter International) have commercialised research into these important biomaterials. In 2010, the bone substitute materials sold ... [more]

November 2013

1 Nov 13super resolution microscopy image of actin cytoskeletonSpinning-disk microscope offers window into the centre of a cell
The microscopic technique, developed by researchers at Queen Mary University of London, represents a major advance for cell biologists as it will allow them to investigate structures deep inside the cell, such as viruses, bacteria and parts of the nucleus in depth. Recent advances in optical physics have made it ... [more]

October 2013

18 Oct 13Institute of Bioengineering scientists discover promising protein to treat osteoarthritis
New research from the Institute of Bioengineering at Queen Mary University of London, suggests that a protein found predominantly in healthy cartilage, could hold the key to treating osteoarthritis. Researchers used an in vitro cell-agarose model of cartilage and added a protein called CNP that is naturally found in healthy ... [more]

September 2013

10 Sep 13Dr Karunaratne was awarded Best Doctoral Thesis in BiomechanicsESB award for best doctoral thesis in biomechanics awarded to PhD student, Dr Karunaratne
Congratulations to Dr Angelo Karunaratne, who has been awarded the Best Doctoral Thesis in Biomechanics, at the 19th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB2013), held at the University of Patras, Greece. The Best Doctoral Thesis in Biomechanics is a new award from ESB which recognises the development of ... [more]

August 2013

22 Aug 13Mouse model of ovarian cancerE2million ERC project aims to revolutionise the study of cancer cells
Researchers from Queen Mary Institute of Bioengineering have been awarded a E2.43million grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for a project which aims to revolutionise the field of cancer cell research by using bioengineering techniques to grow the first complex 3-dimensional human tumour microenvironment in the laboratory. In ... [more]
9 Aug 13Dr Hing (right) on BBC TV's Bang Goes The Theory.Institute of Bioengineering scientist wins top biomaterials awards
Dr Karin Hing from the Institute of Bioengineering and School of Engineering and Materials Science has been awarded two prestigious prizes in recognition of her outstanding contributions to materials research in the field of biomaterials. The UK Society for Biomaterials, Biocompatibility Prize and the Kroll Medal from the Institute of ... [more]

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