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December 2015

17 Dec 15Kseniya Shuturminska's winning picture 'Bouquet'QMUL's Institute of Bioengineering launch celebrated with photo competition
The major new initiative brings together QMUL's highly rated research in the science, engineering, medicine and dentistry schools, with partners at St Bartholomew's Hospital and other major London hospitals, to develop patient-focused new medical technologies and treatments. Kseniya Shuturminska won the competition with her coloured scanning electron microscopy image of ... [more]
16 Dec 15Dr Felipe Almeida on the cover of the Journal of Cell Science
Dr. Filipe Almeida part of IoB group with Dr John Connelly, has been highlighted and on the cover of this month's issue of the Journal of Cell Science .
1 Dec 15Kseniya Shuturminska wins Institute of Bioengineering Image Competition
PhD student Kseniya Shuturminska from the Dental Physical Sciences Unit, Institute of Dentistry, won first prize in the Institute of Bioengineering Scientific Image competition on Thursday 8th October 2015. Kseniya's winning image named 'Bouquet' is an artificially coloured scanning electron micrograph of fluorapatite grown on a protein coated PDMS substrate. Kseniya?... [more]

November 2015

24 Nov 15Dr Swift'Mechanical and regulatory roles of the nuclear lamina' by Dr Joe Swift, University of Manchester
The joint WHI/IoB seminar speaker next week will be Dr. Joe Swift, from the University of Manchester. His talk will be on " Mechanical and regulatory roles of the nuclear lamina". This seminar will be on Monday, 30th of November 2015, 12.45 pm, at Derek Willoughby Lecture Theatre, in Charterhouse Square. Refreshments ... [more]
12 Nov 15Dr Remzi Becer'Precision Macromolecular Synthesis and the GlycoCode' by Dr Remzi Becer, QMUL
Sequence controlled polymers have been attracting more and more attention to deliver the desired properties to the advanced materials by the help of their precisely controlled compositions and architectures.1 Development of various controlled radical polymerization techniques and ?click? reactions provide a sufficient platform to prepare functional polymers. Understanding the specific ... [more]
11 Nov 15The 'intercalated IOB symposium'
Students on the intercalated BSc in biomedical engineering and clinical materials programme will present research key findings to IOB clinicians, scientists and engineers (PP1 & PP2). - There will be a poster session for discussion and opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations. - Best project prize announced on 6th June 2016. - Lunch provided (... [more]
5 Nov 15Prof. Martin'Investigating the roles of inflammation in skin repair and cancer' by Prof. Paul Martin, University of Bristol
We model wound healing in several genetically tractable model organism from the fruitfly, Drosophila, through to mice. Of particular interest to us is the wound inflammatory response which we have shown to be causal of scarring at the wound site. Our current goal is to use a mix of live ... [more]
4 Nov 15Prof. J. Moore'Fluid Pumping and Mass Transfer in the Lymphatic System' by Prof. James Moore, Imperial College London
The lymphatic system has many recognized important roles in normal physiology and in a variety of disease conditions. In addition to returning fluid from interstitial tissue spaces to the blood circulation, it also serves as an important transport route for immune cells. Lymph nodes are important sites for cellular interactions ... [more]

October 2015

21 Oct 15Biotech Fund Proposed by the Mayor of London.
A biotech fund worth $15.7 billion has been proposed by London Mayor Boris Johnson to finance drug development projects and encourage the growth of biotech companies in the city. "London is one of the most powerful scientific discovery engines in the world. We hope to harness our role as a global ... [more]
15 Oct 15Materials for the delivery of cells and drugs for regenerative medicine applications.
Professor Shakesheff is Director of the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Hub for Acellular Technologies and will be presenting a variety of polymer-based materials that enhance the presentation of cells and molecules at intended sites of tissue repair. Regenerative medicine presents new and interesting problems in the design of materials for ... [more]
13 Oct 15IoB@WBC2016
The Word Biomaterials Congress (WBC) takes places every four years and joins all Biomaterials Societies around the world. - The Society for Biomaterials (U.S.) - The European Society for Biomaterials - The Canadian Biomaterials Society - The Japanese Society for Biomaterials - The Australasian Society for Biomaterials - The ... [more]
7 Oct 15Looking for great pay, free career advice, better skills? oh, and free chocolate?
The Development and Alumni Directorate is recruiting 40 student callers from all subject areas to help raise money for the University's student support, community and employability projects. They offer flexible hours, good pay and the chance to talk with former students who have gone on to do great things with their ... [more]
4 Oct 15The Physiological Society is Now Offering Free Membership To Undergraduates
Undergraduates can now join free of charge. For further information:
2 Oct 15"Physiology News", The Physiological Society magazine
There is an article on our Research and Innovation Partnerships Manager, Liz Bell in Physiology News, Issue 99, Summer 2015 p. 40-41. Physiology News is the membership magazine of The Physiological Society. [more]
1 Oct 15A Decade of Changes to the UK Health Research Landscape:
A Medical Research Council report finds that public and charitable funding for health research in the UK has continued to increase in the last five years, with almost ?130m more spending in real terms. [more]

September 2015

23 Sep 15Health 2.0 London Networking Event
Alvaro Mata is presenting at the next networking meeting of Health 2.0 London on Wednesday, September 23rd at 6:45pm: Health 2.0 London is a group focused on innovations in the delivery of healthcare and health related technology. The aim of the group is to ... [more]

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