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Institute of Bioengineering

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Dr Daniela Loessner


Reader in Bioengineering and Cancer

Department Barts Cancer Institute
 Charterhouse Square

Research Keywords

3D cell culture, in vitro disease models, humanized animal models, cancer research

Research Interests

I am a cell biologist because I wish to make a difference to patients diagnosed with cancer. Working here at the Barts Cancer Institute allows me to use interdisciplinary approaches to develop 3D models that mimic the human disease in the laboratory and to find better therapeutics.

Research Details

My research is placed at the interface between Cancer Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering, with the aim to develop bioengineered 3D co-culture models that recreate the tumour microenvironment.

These bioengineered platforms will enable us to:

- dissect the complex cellular communications, taking place within multi-cellular cancer spheroids and between cancer spheroids and their niche

- screen new therapeutics that specifically target the tumour microenvironment.


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