Prof Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

Professor of Oral Biology

Institute of Dentistry
+44 (0)20 7882 5962

Network Highlights

Paul graduated from Leeds in  Biophysics, then completed a PhD in Biophysics in relation to Dentistry at the London Hospital Medical College (now part of QMUL)  supervised by Prof. Jim Elliott

His research interests include X-ray microscopy, enamel and hydroxyapatite chemistry, and the bio-physical chemical effects of salivary proteins in dental hard tissue protection.

Paul has supervised 10 PhD students to completion, and has given invited research  seminars in the Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand, Beijing, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

Paul is currently an associate editor of Caries Research, and Hon. asst. Secretary of BSODR.



My main research area is the chemistry of enamel and hydroxyapatite in the context of de and remineralisation of enamel. Recently, I have developed research into the influence of salivary proteins on these processes, to study their role in enamel homeostasis. I have developed novel X-ray absorption microscopies to assist with these studies, and have also used these technologies to study diffusion processes in enamel, and the efficacy of treatments for dental hypersensitivity. I have been sponsored by the MRC, EPSRC, Wellcome, as well as RAB, and QMUL grants. I currently have several PhD students, and a Postdoctoral research assistant.


Publications of specific relevance to Bioengineering Research


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