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ApaTech emerged from research by Prof. William Bonfield and Dr Karin Hing at Queen Mary University of London in 2001 and specializes in novel bone repair materials. ApaTech generated sales of approximately $60 million in the calendar year 2009 and its lead product, Actifuse, is being used in Europe, the United States and other select markets around the world. In 2009, ApaTech was ranked number two in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 Fastest Growing Private Medical Technology Companies listing and received a number of awards including the North America Device Biologics Company of the Year at the Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Medical Technologies. ApaTech was acquired by global healthcare company Baxter International Inc. In March 2010 for total consideration of up to $330 million.

BioMin Technologies Ltd

Electron Micrograph Showing Open Dentinal Tubules     BioMinF Forming Apatite Inside dentinal tubules

BioMin emerged from work done by Prof. Robert Hill and Dr Natalia Karpukina on bioactive glasses. They have developed a range of calcium phospho-silicates for use as additives in remineralising toothpastes for preventing tooth decay and treating dentine hypersensitivity. BioMin was recently been awarded a prestigious Armourers & Brasiers Venture prize in 2013 to commercialise the product.

DegraSense Ltd

DegraSense Ltd aims to commercialise a novel protease biosensor technology developed from the research activities of Dr Steffi Krause and Prof. Mike Watkinson. There are currently no accurate clinical methods for dentists to distinguish between active and dormant sites in periodontal disease progression. DegraSense plans to develop a low cost, disposable biosensor that will enable a dentist to identify areas of active inflammation immediately prior to treatment. This will enable more efficient targeting of expensive and labour intensive surgical treatment for patients with gum disease.

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