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Institute of Bioengineering

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Smart NanoBiomaterials

While sophisticated nanotechnologies continue to emerge, functional medical devices and therapies continue to rely heavily on traditional materials. Our objective is to develop novel materials through rational using building-blocks such as peptides, proteins, polymers, DNA, apatites, graphene, and hybrid macromolecules to create a wide variety of patient-centred devices, implants, and technologies. We aim to optimise material properties that can talk to and guide cells, inhibit infectious diseases, stimulate biological processes, maximise selectivity and targeting, control degradation, enhance visualisation, promote integration, and enable personalised therapies.

Selected Expertise

Selected Applications

Selected Publications

  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Tuneable cell-material interactions
  • Biomimetic 3D matrices
  • Targeted drug and cell delivery systems
  • Quantum electronic devices for cancer therapies
  • Bioinspired mechatronic devices
  • Multiscale modelling and simulation
  • Nanomechanics of engineered materials
  • Synthetic biology
  • Small molecule fluorescent probes
  • Material fabrication and processing technologies
  • Injectable implants
  • Smart surface modifications
  • Artificial muscles
  • Cardiovascular devices
  • Wound repair
  • Muskuloskeletal, cardiac, epithelial, and neuronal regeneration
  • Osteoinductive and osteoconductive materials
  • Dental tissue repair and regeneration
  • Cell therapies
  • Single molecule biotechnology
  • Biomimetic models for disease and drug screening
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